UK retailers shutting their doors on energy savings

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UK retailers are wasting 40% of their total energy use by running air conditioning, heating and lighting systems when they are closed, according to a study by WEMSinternational.

A typical retailer could be spending an extra £4 million a year in unnecessary energy costs to give the appearance of being open when shut.

Currently, WEMSinternational says the split in energy use between trading and non-trading hours is 60/40, but this could be cut to 80/20 by employing energy management technologies.

“The need to keep stores looking open at all times and extended trading hours continue to push up their energy use,” says CEO Ivan McKeever. “[But] simple changes, such as shifting light levels according to use of space… can have considerable effects on usage.”

McKeever recommends retailers introduce energy monitoring and managing methods, such as presence detection so that lighting is only switched on when a building is in use.

WEMSinternational offers its own wireless system to manage energy use in lighting, air conditioning and heating across whole property estates, which can deliver savings of 15-30%. The system is currently being used by companies including Marks Spencer, Boots, BT, Fitness First and Waterstones.

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