UK government calls for input into gas generation strategy

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The UK government today launched a call for evidence to feed into its gas generation strategy, which forms part of the Coalition’s wider plans to create a secure and affordable route to low carbon economy.

The strategy, which was announced in the 2012 Budget earlier this year, aims to set out the role of gas in the electricity market while ensuring energy security and meeting the UK’s carbon reduction targets.

But it will also outline how to attract new investment in gas generation and make the best use of the nation’s natural resources, including presumably shale gas.

The call for evidence, which is open until June 28, asks a series of key questions including:

  • What are the main strengths and weaknesses of gas generation in delivering a route to decarbonisation?
  • What role can gas-fired generation play in the future and what level of capacity is needed?
  • What barriers do investors face in building new gas generation plants in the UK?

Stakeholders in the energy and gas sectors can submit evidence now online or by post or email to

For further information:

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