UK government switches on low-carbon heating for social housing

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The UK government yesterday announced a £10 million fund to help switch social housing over to low-carbon heating like biomass boilers, solar hot water systems and heat pumps.

The initiative is the second round of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) Scheme, but the funds have increased this time from £3 million to £10 million to allow more local authorities and social housing associations to bid for up to around £175,000.

Last year the scheme, which is administered by the Energy Saving Trust, helped around 1000 householders benefit from low-carbon heating.

“This year we have increased the cash available, which will help even more people move away from expensive old heating systems to low carbon more sustainable alternatives,” said Energy Minister Greg Barker.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) hopes this time to support around 60 projects. An extension of the RHPP scheme for communities is also expected to be launched later this summer.

A previous winner under the scheme, Southern Housing Group in the Isle of Wight, used its £175,000 grant to replace overnight storage heaters with air source heat pumps for 40 householders living off the gas grid.

“Residents… say their bills have been cut by half thanks to these heat pumps,” says project officer Vincent Wedlock-Ward. “With this funding this would not have been possible.”

Applications can now be made for the second round of funds, which will be evaluated by the Energy Saving Trust on the basis of value for money, type of fuel being replaced and energy efficiency measures being installed.

Ahead of the July 4 deadline for applications, DECC is holding seminars across the country to provide further information.

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