London presents big challenge to Green Deal, warns report

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A report out today from Future of London, supported by EDF Energy, warns that the capital is going to present a particular challenge to the government’s forthcoming Green Deal efficiency scheme.

According to the report, Delivering Energy Efficiency in London, the capital has received a smaller percentage of funding under the current Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) programme compared to the rest of the country for improving energy efficiency.

The installation of energy efficiency measures is more difficult in London, says the report, because of the high proportion of properties with solid walls, many of which are in conservation areas, and the number of large blocks of flats.

The physical difficulties of implementing energy efficiency measures in London properties is compounded by a lack of accredited suppliers and installers and higher costs because of parking and congestion charges.

London borough authorities could make the process easier, says the report, by relaxing planning permission on some measures like solid wall insulation.

“By using the range of policy options available to boost the take up and implementation of energy efficiency improvements under the Green Deal and ECO (Energy Company Obligation), London boroughs can make progress towards carbon reduction commitments, alleviating fuel poverty and improving health and wellbeing in their areas,” says Ben Harrison, director of Future of London.

The report adds that London will be crucial to success of the Green Deal and that local boroughs should take an active role supporting the scheme by working with local community groups to promote the scheme and identifying properties that could benefit most.

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