REA: Renewable energy needs to make their case

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REA: Renewable energy needs to make their case

Dr Nina Skorupska. Image: ELNDr Nina Skorupska. Image: ELN

The case for renewable energy will have to be made as the sector has lost the support of ex-Energy Secretary Ed Davey.

In an interview with ELN, CEO of the Renewable Energy Association (REA) Nina Skorupska said: “Ed Davey did an awful lot for helping move the renewable energy agenda forward.

“He was also known for many things – less known for his support of community energy and particularly heat.

“So that was very welcoming to hear – something almost quite small-scale when previously ministers tend to like very big projects.

“But, yes, he’s moving on. All renewable technologies are going to come under scrutiny and challenge.”


Her comments come as Prime Minister David Cameron plans to scrap support for onshore wind projects.

Ms  Skorupska added onshore wind provides “very good value for money”.

When asked if she was worried the Tories would turn their back on renewable energy, she said: “I don’t think they can afford to.”

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