NRG Energy and eVgo charge up Californian electric vehicle network

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NRG Energy and its subsidiary eVgo have been given the go ahead by Californian authorities to set up the most comprehensive electric vehicle charging network in the US across the state.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) approval of the agreement with the California Public Utilities Commission opens the way for NRG to invest approximately $100 million over the next four years to set up the network, which will include 200 fast chargers.

The fast chargers will be located at retail centres in the San Francisco Bay area, San Joaquin Valley, Los Angeles and San Diego allow drivers to add 50 miles of range to their vehicle in 15 minutes.

In addition, NRG will also install the wiring – in a “make ready” commitment – for at least 10,000 individual charging points at offices, schools, hospitals and apartment buildings.

At least 20% of the fast charging stations will be installed in low-income areas and mixed-income housing areas will also be targeted for “make readies”.

NRG will also be investing $5 million in research and demonstration projects and a further $4 million to support low income car-sharing, workforce training and related efforts.

“With gasoline having just set new record highs, FERC’s decision couldn’t be more timely or important for California drivers,” says Terry O’Day, eVgo’s business development director.

The first “Freedom Stations”, as eVgo has dubbed them, will be available early next year.

The news will further boost California’s standing as one of the top markets for hybrid and electric vehicles, along with Florida and Washington state, according to an analysis by

Over the last year, California has accounted for around 24% of all new hybrid vehicle sales and 32% of electric vehicles, taking its overall share to 11% of all new car registrations – far higher than the average of 3.4% for the whole of the US.

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