IKEA plugs in solar panels at US stores

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International furniture retailer IKEA has plugged in solar panels on its US stores in Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia and Utah to take its total generating capacity to 38 MW.

The latest installation in the Dallas area is a 912 kW array of 3780 panels, which will produce 1,336,300 kWh of electricity a year.

IKEA has now completed some 30 such installations and is undertaking work on a further nine sites, covering 89% of its US buildings.

Around the world, the retailer has installed more than 250,000 solar panels on its stores and buildings and owns and/or operates approximately 110 wind turbines in Europe.

The company has invested some €590 million in its renewable energy effort so far, and it owns and operates all its solar arrays.

“IKEA has a never-ending job where most things still remain to be done that encourages us always to ask ourselves how we can improve what we do today for a better tomorrow,” commented IKEA store manager from Dallas, Robby Wierman.

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