Finland and China collaborate on clean energy test platforms

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Finland and China have announced they are collaborating to build open international test platforms to develop flexible and clean energy systems.

They have invited international companies and research institutes to facilities in Finland’s Åland Islands and the Zhangjiakou Demonstration Zone in China.

The Åland Islands is planned to be a demonstration platform for a flexible energy system, based on smart grids and 100% renewable energy production and use.

Finland says the system will have the ability to integrate distributed renewable energy production into the overall network and quickly respond to fluctuations in demand and supply.

At Zhangjiakou, demonstration zone micro grids will be utilised to achieve the increased proportion of renewable energy sources.

Li Meng, Vice Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology of China, said: “Increasing the flexibility of power systems is crucial to achieving high penetration of renewable energy sources and ensuring safe and stable operation of power grid.”

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