David Attenborough calls on leaders to give people confidence for net zero

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Sir David Attenborough has called on political leaders to give people confidence that all the changes needed to deliver net zero are desirable and possible for all the people.

The fresh call comes on the one-year anniversary of Climate Assembly UK.

Climate Assembly UK was commissioned by six cross-party House of Commons Select Committees last summer in response to the government’s commitment to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Sir David who has been named COP26 People’s Advocate, said: “The world’s scientists have been very clear on what’s at stake for mankind if we don’t act on climate change.

“Parliament’s Climate Assembly has done a truly remarkable job of highlighting the high levels of public support for climate action up and down this country and given government and MPs an invaluable roadmap of how it can be done.

“We owe the members of the UK public who took part in it a huge debt of gratitude. Above all, the Assembly has been abundantly clear that greater public participation and fairness is needed at the heart of all climate action and this is, therefore, a message I hope this government has heard loud and clear and certainly one I plan to share with all world leaders at COP26 in Glasgow.”

Darren Jones MP, Chair of Parliament’s BEIS committee, one of six select committees which commissioned Climate Assembly UK, said: “Climate Assembly UK has done the Prime Minister’s homework for him by agreeing the best ways to achieve our net zero target through incremental changes to the way we heat our homes, travel and live.”

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