Cyber attack training scenario hits energy sector

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Cyber attack training scenario hits energy sector

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A cyber security training programme has been launched to help the energy sector defend itself against people trying to hack its systems and damage vital infrastructure.

The European Network for Cyber Security’s (ENCS) training casts participants as hackers and defenders in a live attack scenario upon an electricity grid, using a simulated company called Gridnet.

One team attempts to shut down Gridnet, learning more about operational technology risks by being forced to “think like a hacker”.

The blue team acts to defend the grid, working on security monitoring, breach detection and incident response.

The training aims to equip workers with the knowledge and ability to help prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats.

Michael John, Director Operations, ENCS, said: “This is the most detailed and realistic training available to utilities.

“The red team can choose multiple different approaches to attack – even to use malware we’ve designed to mimic real-world threats – and the blue team will have to respond.”

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