CCS ‘has potential to succeed in Norway’

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CCS ‘has potential to succeed in Norway’

A carbon capture demonstration plant. Image: ELNA carbon capture demonstration plant. Image: ELN

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects have the potential to succeed in Norway.

That’s according to a report launched by the country’s Ministry of Petroleum which showed it is technically feasible to develop a CCS chain in Norway.

It looked at potential CCS projects, identifying several emission sources and storage sites.

The feasibility studies demonstrated a flexible CCS chain and suggested a process which instead of transporting CO2 by a pipeline to a storage site, could transport it by ship to a connection point tied to be stored.

It also stated the cost for planning and investment for such a chain could be between NOK 7.2 billion (£0.64bn) and NOK 12.6 billion (£1.13bn).

The government stated it is committed to invest in developing of a cost-effective technology for CCS and constructing at least one full-scale carbon capture demonstration plant by 2020.

Minister of Petroleum and Energy Tord Lien said: “We have chosen a step by step approach and follow industry best practice for maturing projects in our work with CCS. The feasibility studies are an important part of this work and show that realising a full-scale CCS chain in Norway within 2022 is possible and at lower costs than for projects considered in Norway earlier.”

ELN visited the carbon capture demonstration plant in Norway.

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