Best consultancy win ‘big thing’ for Indigo Swan

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Best consultancy win ‘big thing’ for Indigo Swan

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Winning the best consultancy award at The Energy Live Consultancy Awards is a “big thing” for Indigo Swan.

James Groves, Head of Client Experience told ELN: “I think for us it’s probably the most important award we could have won tonight. I think we are representing maybe the sort of smaller consultancies but as far as numbers of staff are concerned.

“We are very, very proud, we’re trying to do things differently, we’re trying to change the industry. We want the industry to be more regulated and there’s a lot of talk about that these days and we’re doing everything the right way. We’ve got our clients coming in, we’re telling them what to do, we tell them how we can help them and to be the best consultancy in the UK is a big thing for us.”

The firm won the award because they are “doing things properly”, according to Emily Groves, Managing Director of the company.

She believes TPIs are “essential” in the energy sector because they “provide guidance” so businesses “can make their best decisions”.

However, they are “not always” recognised in the sector, said Mr Groves.

He added: “We want to do things properly, we want to do things right. We want to let our customers know as soon as they come to the door, they know what we are doing for, they know what they’re making, they know how much money they get… We want to do all of that and I think there are still maybe some TPIs that aren’t but like I say hopefully I think things like the TELCAs and awards like that and Energy Live News and stuff is bringing a bigger focus on it.”

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