Aberdeen shared heat network absorbs tower blocks

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Aberdeen shared heat network absorbs tower blocks

Posted on 17 January 2014 by Vicky Ellis

An extra 287 properties are joining a district heating network in Aberdeen this year to try and cut their bills.

Aberdeen City Council reckons its energy efficient network helps slash emissions by around 56% and cuts fuel bills by more than half.

This week councillors agreed to include three more tower blocks with hundreds of homes in the scheme.

The system works by using heat produced when electricity is generated for heating and hot water. Electricity produced by Aberdeen Heat and Power’s combined heat and power plants is sold on the open market. Income from this helps fund the heating part of the project.

Housing and Environment Convener Councillor Neil Cooney said: “The current heating system in these blocks consists of old, inefficient electric heaters which mean many of the residents are living in fuel poverty. As the network grows, so do the benefits it provides.”

He added: “More and more people are seeing their fuel bills slashed, significant savings are being realised on heating costs for several public buildings and the city’s carbon footprint is being cut. The over cladding and window replacement in these blocks will also help increase the energy efficiency of what are hard to heat homes.”

Other public buildings heated by the network already include a leisure centre, swimming pool and ice arena.

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