Yorkshire Water to tackle leakage under new partnership

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Yorkshire Water has announced a new partnership as part of its efforts to reduce leakage and costs and save carbon.

It is working with Hydraulic Analysis and Morrisons Water Services under a programme to deliver a £28 million investment to help meet its target of halving leakage by 2050.

The companies will deploy innovative leakage detection technology, which is expected to help save 1.7 million litres of water.

They are targeting 20 hotspot areas that have been difficult to identify and tackle leakages, with most of them based in city centres and large towns.

The solution will use flow meters, pressure sensors sampling at a high frequency and acoustic loggers and will be underpinned by the Hydraulic Analysis digital twin, which uses near real time data to drive a hydraulic model of the Yorkshire Water network.

The analytics system is expected to identify network performance issues and enable the teams to quickly resolve them.

Adam Smith, Manager of smart networks and metering transformation at Yorkshire Water said: “This project has the potential to fundamentally change the level of service and reduce leakage in some of our most challenging areas of the network. The technology we will deploy in this project helps us to reduce costs, whilst saving carbon and delivering our key objectives.”

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