Yorkshire Water announces ‘ground-breaking’ wastewater treatment project

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Yorkshire Water has announced a “ground-breaking” metagenomics project to monitor and control performance at wastewater treatment works.

It has teamed up with Aqua Enviro to use the genetic sequencing tool, which will help the water company gain an increased understanding of the different populations of bacteria at its sites and the conditions that impact their performance while its Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal (EBPR) upgrades are carried out.

Metagenomics involves sequencing the genetic material within wastewater treatment to determine the types of abundance of microbes present, giving valuable data that can inform on operation and process optimisation of a treatment plant.

Profiles of Nitrifiers, methanogens and Anammox bacterial populations have been studied in depth.

The results of the project are expected to enable Yorkshire Water to improve the performance of its waterfront treatment works and help meet its environmental and sustainability goals.

Tom Taylor, Innovation Technical Specialist at Yorkshire Water said: “This is a ground-breaking project and we’re pleased to be leading the way with the trialing of this technology.

“We hope the genetic sequencing tool will improve efficiency at our treatment works and ultimately provide better value for money for our customers. Benefits will also be seen in the treated water we return to the environment.”

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