Who needs an ambulance when you have a Tesla?!

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Who needs an ambulance when you have a Tesla?!

A Tesla charging.Image: TeslaA Tesla charging.
Image: Tesla

A man has successfully used his Tesla’s “autopilot mode” to get to hospital in an emergency.

Joshua Neally, of Missouri, was driving his brand new Tesla Model X home from work when he suffered a pulmonary embolism, which is when a blood clot blocks the artery to the lungs.

Instead of calling an ambulance, he put his car into autopilot mode and directed it towards the nearest hospital. When it arrived he parked it himself and went in for treatment.

The Tesla’s self-drive function does still require drivers to pay attention to the road and touch the wheel at intervals.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are currently investigating the technology following a number of crashes.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla has argued that the autopilot feature is statistically safer than manual driving, claiming it would be “morally reprehensible to delay release of the technology simply for fear of bad press or some mercantile calculation of legal liability.”

Mr Neally said he was “thankful” the self-drive feature was there when he needed it.

He added: “If something like that happens where I become unconscious or incapacitated while I’m driving, I’m not going to cross over the interstate and slam into somebody or slam into one of the big rock walls.”

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