Welcome to the npower Business Solutions’ DSR Clinic

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Energy managers fall into different camps when it comes to DSR. Some have no idea of its existence, others are aware but don’t really understand the benefits and then, a select few are on board and already reaping the rewards.

Whatever your current standpoint, DSR is one of the biggest talking points in the business energy management space – and will be for the foreseeable future.

As the UK moves towards a more decentralised and decarbonised energy supply, there’s an increasing need to find new ways to balance energy supply and demand. It’s a challenging task for the system operators, with winter peak periods reaching 50GW, while summer demand levels are getting lower each year – often dropping to below 20GW.

National Grid – and increasingly, local Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) – are looking for new ways to balance out supply and demand. This is where DSR solutions are coming into their own.

For large business consumers, the need to cut costs and be more sustainable are important considerations. DSR provides a tool to do both.

So how can energy managers get started with DSR?

First, there’s knowing where to begin. Next, there’s understanding which routes you can take. And then there’s finding how to maximise revenue from deployment.

There’s never one path to suit all. There are a variety of DSR benefits you can choose for your business. Whether Frequency Response, winter peak avoidance, Short-Term Operating Reserve (STOR) or tapping into wholesale market opportunities, the key is stacking as many as will suit your assets, requirements and risk appetite.

And that’s what the team at Energy HQ is here to do. To help you understand and maximise all the possible DSR benefits.

It’s for this reason that npower Business Solutions Energy HQ has created the DSR Clinic with Energy Live News. Our aim is to help de-mystify DSR and help businesses access the best solutions for them.

So, take a look around the clinic for insight and inspiration. Whether you’re just starting to explore DSR as an option, or already dipping your toe into DSR solutions, we hope you’ll find some useful content.

We’ll be adding more articles and blogs each week to build a more comprehensive resource. But we’d also like to hear what you’d like to know more about and answer any questions you might have – so please do get in touch.

Send your DSR queries or information requests to our experts at Energy HQ via [email protected] or call 0800 994 9382.

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