Webinar: Identify energy savings and demystify your energy data with AI

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Ideal for Energy Managers, this webinar will explain the current Energy Management technology landscape and how to exploit the opportunities with AI. Learn more about the challenges associated with the analysis of large volumes of data and what you should expect from a modern energy management system in 2021.

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George Catto, Client Services Director AMR DNA
George Catto as part of the founding team at kWIQly which powers the AMR-DNA solution and has responsibility for usability. AMR DNA, offered by Energy Assets and powered by kWIQly data analytics, exposes the characteristics of individual meters which enables Energy managers up and down the country to quantify hidden waste from the wealth of AMR consumption data that is amassed each year. Having studied Design Engineering at Loughborough Uni., which lead to two engineering startups, he now sees a huge role for data analysis to assist the energy manager in eliminating tedious work while highlighting key priorities. He will tell you, succinctly, how AMR DNA can unlock this data to help you improve year-on-year energy performance.

Stephen Creighton, Head of Member Services, TEC
Stephen Creighton is a highly experienced energy and procurement professional who has had a significant impact on the way the public sector buys its energy. Having worked on both the energy buyer and supplier side, Steve has focused on large scale risk management solutions, renewable projects and commercial solutions. Steve joined TEC in 2013 bringing his skill set to the university sector and supported establishing TEC as the recognised centre of excellence for energy procurement in their member sector.

Energy Assets is a leading provider of IC metering, energy data and network services for Britain’s energy and utilities market. Further information is available here.

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