Watery shovel in the ground for offshore wind farm

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Watery shovel in the ground for offshore wind farm

Example of an offshore wind farm's foundationsExample of an offshore wind farm’s foundations

The first foundation has been built at a new offshore wind farm 8km from the Holderness coast.

Danish renewable power company DONG Energy said it was the first of 35 to be built at Westermost Rough.

These foundations or monopoles have a diameter of 6.5 metres and weigh up to 800 tonnes and were shipped to the site from Aalborg, Denmark.

They will provide the base for the 6 megawatt (MW) turbines which will be installed later this year. It’s the first time these next generation Siemens turbines will be used on a commercial scale.

When finished, the wind farm will generate enough electricity for around 210,000 homes, with a capacity of 210MW.

Duncan Clark, Westermost Rough Programme Director at DONG Energy said: “The first foundation installed really kicks off a critical time for construction.

“Work now moves into a very busy and complicated phase over the coming months as we continue to install foundations, get ready to receive and install the offshore substation, begin to lay the cables that connect the turbines to the national grid and then later in the summer, begin the installation of the turbines themselves.”

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