Waste-to-product companies merge to form Renewi

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Waste-to-product companies merge to form Renewi

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The Shanks Group and Van Gansewinkel have merged their businesses and rebranded as Renewi.

Renewi is a waste-to-product company positioned to help solve some of the main environmental problems facing society today, including reducing waste, avoiding pollution and preventing the unnecessary use of finite natural resources.

It hopes to become an even larger contributor to the circular economy than both companies achieved previously.

The new company says its combined recycling capabilities will contribute to preserving the environment and avoiding climate change by transforming waste into valuable new products and raw materials.

Peter Dilnot, CEO of Renewi, said: “By giving new life to used materials, we will protect the world from contamination, preserve finite natural resources and enable customers to meet their sustainability goals.

“We transform a wide range of used materials into valuable products for our customers, like recycled paper, metal, plastic and glass, clean water, woodchips and compost, energy and fuel and other products.”

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