Walmart sticks $100m energy savings in its basket

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Walmart sticks $100m energy savings in its basket

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Walmart has reduced its energy costs by more than $100 million (£72.5m) over the past decade as part of an ongoing commitment to energy efficiency.

The world’s largest retailer says a significant part of its savings were generated from replacing existing lights with 1.5 million LEDs across more than 6,000 shops, car parks, warehouses and offices in ten countries.

The firm is still working to complete LED and controls retrofits in 100% of its US distribution centres – so far the business has reduced energy use per square foot by more than 12% since 2010.

It has outlined a 2025 plan to slash operational emissions by 18% from 2015 levels, through a combination of improving energy efficiency, sourcing power from clean sources energy, making its vehicles more efficient and developing less polluting cooling technology.

Mark Vanderhelm, Walmart’s Vice President of Energy, said: “Energy is one of the key operating expenses that we can reduce while delivering system upgrades that improve the customer shopping experience.

“The ripple effect from these LED conversions throughout the business is truly staggering. We believe that by continuing to reduce one of our biggest operating expenses, we’re supporting future innovation.”

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