US invests $54m to boost energy efficiency in microelectronic technologies

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Nearly $54 million (£39m) of investment has been announced for 10 projects to boost the energy efficiency in the design and production of microelectronics technologies.

Microelectronics are critical to nearly all modern technology, including smartphones, medical equipment, power plants, electricity grids and vehicles.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) believes advanced microelectronics hold the potential to power innovative solutions to challenges in clean energy, climate and national security.

It adds as devices like phones and computers have reduced in size, the energy required for their production has now been decreased at the same pace, therefore, significant investments in research and development are required to increase energy efficiency and create more sustainable technology systems.

Projects will explore new computing architectures based on human brain design, ultra-low power electronics and low temperature, nanoscale and quantum sensors.

Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm said: “Thanks to microelectronics, technologies that used to swallow entire buildings now fit in the palms of our hands – and now they are supporting climate solutions in electricity transportation and renewable energy.

“DOE’s world-class scientists are stepping up to reduce the carbon footprint of micro technologies used by billions of people around the world to secure our clean energy future, increase American competitiveness and lead on climate action and innovation.”

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