US centres to train building operators to be efficient

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The US Departments of Energy (DOE) and Commerce (DOC) are joining forces to fund three centres to train building operators how to optimise building efficiency, saving energy and money.

A total of $1.3 million will be shared between the three centres at the Corporation for Manufacturing Excellence in California, the Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center in Pennsylvania and the NY State Department of Economic Development.

The funds will help the centres, which are partnering with universities, local community and technical colleges, trade associations and the DOE’s national labs, to develop curricula and training programmes for building operators, managers and energy service providers.

Training courses will focus on how to ‘re-tune’ buildings and energy management to reduce energy consumption, save money and improve performance. The training will be applicable to commercial, industrial and educational buildings.

The centres are part of the Obama Administration’s Better Buildings Initiative, which aims to help commercial buildings become 20% more energy efficiency by 2020, saving some $40 billion a year in energy costs.

“Improving energy efficiency in business and manufacturing is critical for helping American businesses keep costs down and stay competitive,” says Energy Secretary Steven Chu. “The first step is ensuring we have well-trained buildings and facilities operators that know how to boost building performance and keep commercial facilities from wasting energy.”

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