‘UK’s smart meter roll out not looking so clever’

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‘UK’s smart meter roll out not looking so clever’

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The UK needs to install 24 smart meters per minute in order to meet the 2020 roll out deadline. 2020.

That’s according to new analysis from consumer group Which?, highlighting the struggles faced to meet the goal of installing around 50 million of the meters across the country’s households.

The report suggests some customers who want smart meters are likely to be left waiting.

It claims fewer than nine million domestic smart meters have been fitted so far and the £11 billion project has faced multiple setbacks, including delays to IT systems, installation issues and problems with switching.

Earlier this month, Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry told Parliament smart meters were being installed at a rate of 400,000 a month, rather than the 250,000 a week Which? says is needed.

The consumer group adds British Gas has put in the most meters so far, totalling 4.5 million and claims it is installing a smart meter every 25 seconds.

Alex Neill, Which? Managing Director of Home Products and Services, said: “All parties involved in the roll out must address consumer concerns and resolve problems, including keeping the roll out on track and costs under control.”

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