UK to provide £6m to slash maritime emissions

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UK to provide £6m to slash maritime emissions

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The UK Government has committed to provide new funding for innovative technologies and fuels to reduce maritime emissions.

In partnership with industry it will provide more than £6 million on trialling a range of energy saving devices, including state of the art propellers, waste heat recovery systems and rotor sails that use wind power to cut fuel consumption.

It hopes advances in these areas will ultimately help create a zero-emission sector.

It also plans to provide technical backing and expertise for work in Scotland to prove the use of hybrid and hydrogen-powered ferries in the UK, as well as providing new regulations for alternative fuel vehicles.

By 2025, the majority of new ships are expected to be 30% more efficient than current designs.

Maritime Minister John Hayes said: “The UK is home to a wealth of expertise in maritime technology but more needs to be done to move this sector towards a zero emissions world.

“That’s why this government is committed to backing vital technology to meet this goal and we are looking to deepen our technical expertise to further support industry.”

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