UK start up announces massive battery projects

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UK-based start-up, affiliated with the larger European energy group NatPower Group, has revealed plans to license three ‘gigaparks’ of large battery storage projects by next year, with ambitions to expand to ten more by 2025.

By 2040, the company aims to develop over 60 gigawatt-hours of energy storage, comprising 15-20% of the UK’s total capacity.

NatPower Group has also earmarked over £600 million for the development of substations, intending to expedite the integration of renewable power into the national grid and align with the country’s target of achieving 100% zero-emission electricity by 2035.

NatPower UK Chief Executive Officer Stefano D.M. Sommadossi said: “To resolve the constraints that are slowing down investments in renewable energy, we will make investments in the energy distribution network, upgrading the substations for at least 15–20% of new requirements.

“By investing in substations early on and focusing on energy storage systems, we will facilitate the next phase of the clean energy transition, thereby reducing the cost of energy for consumers.”

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