UK low emission vehicle sales start to accelerate

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The latest government figures indicate that sales of low-emission vehicles in the UK are starting to accelerate with over 960 vehicles registered in the second quarter of 2012 alone.

According to the Department for Transport, the number of ultra-low emission cars and quadricycles was up to 728, nearly double the number registered during the same quarter last year.

Of the total registered, 473 were also eligible to receive the government’s Plug-in Vehicle Grant, which offers buyers up to £5000.

The report credits the government’s grant scheme for driving the increase, as well as the availability of more low-carbon vehicles on the market. More than 1700 electric vehicles have now been registered under the scheme, but figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) indicate that the number of electric vehicles actually purchased may be higher.

Overall, vehicle registrations show year-on-year increases for the fourth consecutive quarter but average CO2 emissions are down from 134.7 g/km for new cars in Q1 this year to 133.3 g/km.

Since April 2002, when reliable measures of CO2 emissions started being recorded, average emissions from new cars have fallen by 42 g/km or around 24% driven largely by tighter environmental controls and consumer demand for better fuel economy.

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