UK invests £650m to create thousands of fusion training places

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Thousands of training opportunities in fusion technology are set to emerge across the UK as part of a £650 million investment package unveiled by Nuclear Minister Andrew Bowie at the IAEA Fusion Energy Conference.

This initiative, known as the Fusion Futures Programme, is integral to the UK’s updated Fusion Strategy.

Under the programme, over 2,200 training places will be established nationwide, complemented by the development of a new fuel cycle testing facility dedicated to advancing fusion technology for commercial purposes.

Furthermore, funds will be directed towards enhancing infrastructure support for private fusion enterprises, including improvements to the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s campus in Culham, Oxfordshire.

The pursuit of fusion power represents a long term ambition to produce virtually limitless electricity, bolstering the country’s energy security.

Chief Executive Officer of the UK Atomic Energy Authority, Professor Sir Ian Chapman, said: “Delivering fusion power will require ideas to solve science and engineering challenges, involvement of industry partners, development of thousands of skilled people and strong international partnerships.”

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