UK Government to slash emissions by 32% before 2020

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UK Government to slash emissions by 32% before 2020

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The UK Government plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 32% by 2020, down from a 2010 baseline.

It also aims to reduce the number of domestic business flights by at least 30%, reduce the amount of waste going to landfill to less than 10% and slash paper use by at least half.

These statistics are based on averages from different departmental targets – some goals are broader, such as a department-wide aim to continue water usage reductions and improve related reporting.

The Home Office is aiming for an overall energy reduction of 34% while HMRC eyes savings of 45% and the National Crime Agency hopes for only a 3% decrease.

Reporting will also be used to ensure departments continue to buy more sustainable and efficient products and services.

Departments will have to prove they have action to do this, including by getting good value for money, understanding and reducing supply chain impacts and risks and being open and transparent.

Areas they are expected to address include climate change mitigation, biodiversity, green construction methods and minimising food waste.

The Ministry of Justice has failed to meet its own “unambitious” environmental targets in a number of key areas.

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