UK energy production hits record low – biggest drop since 1948

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The UK’s energy production in 2023 declined by 9%, reaching its lowest level since records began in 1948.

According to government statistics, the production was down by 36% from 2010 and 66% from its peak in 1999.

Oil production hit a record low, while gas production marked its second lowest output.

Nuclear output also saw a record low due to closures and maintenance, down 62% from its peak in 1998.

Despite a slight increase in renewable energy, fossil fuels remain dominant, according to the report.

Wind generation achieved a record high share of 28.7%, contrasting with fossil fuel generation at a record low of 36.3%.

Despite reduced demand, net import dependency rose to 41.1% – Electricity imports increased significantly compared to 2022.

Norway and the US emerged as the principal sources of the UK’s imported energy in 2023.

Gas demand fell to its lowest since 1992, primarily due to reduced demand from electricity generation and households.

Gas production decreased by 10% from 2022, remaining around half of overall demand.

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