UK energy minister hails Scottish renewables success

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UK Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry has praised the growing success of the renewable energy industry in Scotland.

It is delivering around 25% of the UK’s total renewable generation capacity and contributing to meeting climate targets.

Speaking at a conference in Glasgow today, the minister also pointed out the huge potential for Scottish enterprise in delivering clean growth, with the low carbon sector currently supporting around 24,000 jobs.

Energy consumers are said to be benefitting as prices for producing clean energy such as offshore wind continue to fall – the Moray East Wind Farm in Scotland will deliver electricity at £57.50/MWh, a reduction of more than half since 2015.

Ms Perry said: “From James Watt’s steam engine kicking off the industrial revolution and the opening of the first coal mine, through to offshore wind and marine energy powering homes and businesses in the present day, Scotland has always been at the cutting edge of progress.

“The renewables industry has a central role in our modern Industrial Strategy with the global shift towards clean growth providing one of the greatest economic opportunities of our time.”

The energy minister is headlining Energy Live Expo in London on October 31st this year.

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