UK energy debt remains despite price cap reduction

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Fuel poverty charity National Energy Action reports that despite a £238 annual drop in the price cap for typical households starting in April, 2.3 million households are paying more due to energy debt.

With the cessation of cost of living payments for those on means-tested benefits in April, 6 million UK households are projected to fall into fuel poverty.

New polling by YouGov commissioned by National Energy Action reveals that 34% of British adults have struggled to afford energy bills in the last three months.

Despite the price cap decreasing by 20% on 1st April, National Energy Action warns that millions of households will pay more to energy companies due to accumulated debt from high prices.

Ofgem data shows 2.3 million households owe an average of over £1,200 each, totalling energy debt at over £3 billion.

National Energy Action Chief Executive Adam Scorer said: “Two years of household budgets being whittled down to nothing, and an ever-expanding ocean of debt that the poorest are expected to pay off, simply isn’t sustainable and leading people to desperate measures like going without clean clothes, without warm food and without heating.

“The energy crisis is not over, especially for the poorest, who remain exposed to the greatest jeopardy.

“There are levers this government and the next can pull to help those in fuel poverty now and ending it in the long-term – this crisis cannot be the new normal.”

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