UK businesses invited to monetise existing flexible energy assets

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Businesses are being invited to generate extra income by being flexible with their existing energy assets.

Western Power Distribution (WPD) said it is opening up 18 new zones where it aims to procure demand side response services to address operational requirements on its networks following a successful trial in parts of the Midlands.

The new zones include Rugeley, Northampton, Beaumont Leys, Exeter and South Hams and Plymouth.

Under the programme, half-hourly metered businesses will be required to reduce their power usage or increase their onsite generation for at least two hours in response to an automated signal.

WPD offers three services: Secure, which is designed to manage peak demand on the network and reduce network loading, Dynamic, which supports the network in the event of specific fault conditions, often during summer maintenance periods and Restore, which is designed to help with network restoration following rare fault conditions.

All services require businesses to respond within 15 minutes of a request and are available from October 2018 to October 2019.

Matt Watson, WPD Innovation and Low Carbon Networks Engineer said: “The changing face of generation and its impact on our network means we have to look for innovative ways of managing the system. Flexibility services are an important part of this management.

“We have learnt a lot from the trial we have been running in the Midlands, including providing much more tailored information for each service and being quick to establish via the expressions of interest which zones we should concentrate on pursuing.”

The expression of interest window is open until 11th July 2018.

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