UK among top countries tackling climate change

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UK among top countries tackling climate change

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The UK is a significant contibutor to reducting carbon intenstiy, with the second largest decline among 20 nations.

It posted a 6% fall between 2014 and 2015, a new report from PricewaterhouseCooper reveals.

That means the nation reduced its overall carbon intensity at an average rate of 3.5% annually, the annual Low Carbon Economy Index states.

The report adds the decrease is due to a fall in coal consumption, which now accounts for 12.2% of the UK’s energy mix and an increase in renewables generation, which contributes to 9.1% of the stack.

China has been ranked the highest by PwC, with a 6.4% reduction during the same period. However, the country still has one of the highest carbon intensity, which amounts to 475 tonnes per million dollars of GDP.

The US is ranked third, with a reduction of 4.7% in carbon intensity.

South Africa, which achieved a 4.5% fall, still has the highest carbon intensity at 583 tonnes per million dollars of GDP.

Italy, Saudi Arabia and Brazil didn’t achieve any reductions during the same period.

Overall, the report found global carbon intensity fell by 2.8%.

That was more than double the average fall of 1.3% between 2000 and 2014 but far below the 6.5% required to stay within the 2°C warming limit set by last year’s Paris agreement, the report states.

The UK has pledged to ratify the climate deal before the end of the year.

Climate change will be part of the discussions at the Energy Live 2016 conferencein London on Thursday. Join in the debate using #EL2016.

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