Tata Power launches carbon neutral ‘Eco-Hut’ in India

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Tata Power launches carbon neutral ‘Eco-Hut’ in India

Posted on 24 July 2013 by Priyanka Shrestha

Indian energy giant Tata Power has launched its first pilot model of carbon neutral self-powered eco house in the country.

The power company invested a total of Rs 10 lakhs (£11,015) in the Eco-Hut (pictured) at Walwhan Garden, Lonavala in the state of Maharashtra. It has zero carbon footprint compared to a modern house which is believed to emit around 4.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The house was constructed in around 20 days and showcases innovative solutions in an attempt to minimise the impact on the environment through the use of modern technologies.

The hut’s lighting power is supplied through solar panels and a windmill and includes the use of energy saving devices such as LEDs, toilet flush with lowest discharge, underground energy free natural earthen refrigerator and drip/sprinkle irrigation for plants.

It is dependent on rain water as there is no supply from private sources or the city’s supply system, with only around 100 litres of usage per day compared to 400 litres for a modern house of 600 sq ft. Domestic solid waste will also be recycled or reused.

Mr S. Padmanabhan, Executive Director – Operations at Tata Power said: “We are happy that we are continuously contributing towards sustainability environment conservation. This definitely puts more responsibility on us to achieve more more around sustainable performance.”

Tata Power has an installed energy generation capacity of 8,521MW in India. It recently announced plans to add up to 250MW of renewable energy in the country every year.

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