‘Strong public support for bioenergy in the UK’

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‘Strong public support for bioenergy in the UK’

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There is a strong public support for bioenergy production in the UK.

That’s according to a survey by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) which revealed 80% out of 5,000 people surveyed were in favour of bioenergy playing a big part in the nation’s power mix.

It added 74% of them supported producing bioenergy from biomass and 81% supported generating biomass from waste.

The survey also showed more than a third of respondents were concerned about biomass competing with other land uses and 31% of them see the government as the most popular choice to lead the development of the bioenergy sector in the country.

Hannah Evans, Strategy Analyst for bioenergy at ETI said: “It is encouraging that levels of support for bioenergy compare favourably with other renewable energy technologies and the public associate bioenergy with a wide range of positive features, particularly the fact that it can be generated from waste materials and is also seen as a renewable source of energy that can reduce the UK’s dependence on fossil fuels.

“Building a UK bioenergy sector with continued public support will need greater support for domestic production and increased awareness of the benefits it can bring.”

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