Starbucks and Staples join Obama’s better buildings challenge

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Starbucks and Staples are among six major US companies that are the latest to join President Barack Obama’s Better Building Challenge.

The initiative, which was launched last year, encourages private sector organizations to commit to reducing energy use in their facilities by at least 20% by 2020.

The latest signatories to the scheme, Starbucks, Staples and the JR Simplot Company have pledged to upgrade over 50 million square feet of commercial building space, including 15 manufacturing facilities, as part of their effort.

Starbucks is aiming to reduce energy consumption in its US stores by at least 25% by 2015, while Staples has committed to a 25% reduction in its energy intensity by 2020 and a 50% reduction in its carbon footprint by 2025.

Meanwhile, Samas Captial and Greenwood Energy are making $200 million in financing available for energy efficiency upgrades and utility partners Pacific Gas and Electric are expanding energy efficiency programmes for its customers.

Some 70 organisations have now joined the challenge, which together account for more than 1.7 billion square feet of building space and over 300 manufacturing plants. Collectively, the participants have committed nearly $2 billion to energy efficiency improvements.

“Investments in energy efficiency that save millions in energy costs are making the American economy more competitive, protecting our air and water, and creating jobs,” commented Energy Secretary Steven Chu. “These new partners in the Better Buildings Challenge [are] leading by example and showing the savings that energy efficiency makes possible.”

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