Space reflectors could supercharge solar farms

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Reflectors positioned in orbit around Earth might hold the key to optimising large-scale solar farms, according to research from the University of Glasgow.

In a paper published in Acta Astronautica, the team details how sophisticated computer simulations were employed to explore the effectiveness of orbiting solar reflectors.

Placing 20 gossamer-thin reflectors in orbit at a distance of 1,000 kilometres from the Earth’s surface could potentially extend sunlight exposure to solar farms for an extra two hours daily on average, particularly after sunset when electricity demand is high.

The researchers emphasise the scalability of the concept, indicating the potential for further enhancement by adding more reflectors or increasing their size.

The proposal is part of the SOLSPACE project, led by the University of Glasgow and supported by €2.5m (£2.1m) in funding from the European Research Council.

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