Solar industry warns government against “suppressing” large installations

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The Solar Trade Association (STA) is warning the UK government against ruling out mid-and large-sized photovoltaic installations when it rules on new support levels.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is expected to outline the level of financial support for solar power under the Renewable Obligation (RO) shortly.

The STA is concerned that large solar arrays will suffering under the new arrangements. Currently, installations over 5 MW qualify for 2 Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs). But the government wants to reduce this to 1.5 ROCs, well below the 1.8 ROCs that the industry says is justified by falling costs.

Solar developments in the mid-range from 250 kW to 5 MW, which are the size commonly installed by companies, appear to have already been halted by the cut in feed-in tariffs last July to just 7.1p. Since then, no new installations have been built, says the STA.

“Solar power can deploy quickly and help the UK address its looming energy crunch and the lack of sector competition. It is an easy and cost-effective win because it is now cheaper than many other low carbon options,” says STA’s CEO Paul Barwell. “Suppressing solar power wouldn’t make any sense from a value-for-money perspective.”

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