Siemens joins forces with energy storage developer

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Siemens joins forces with energy storage developer

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Siemens has entered into a new partnership with an energy storage developer.

EoS Energy Storage said the two companies have already developed a system featuring AC power conversion and controls that enable modular installation and low maintenance costs.

They aim to offer energy storage solutions to the grid-connected and off-grid markets, with a number of projects lined up for the first half of this year in California.

Siemens VP Brian Dula said: “Our goal is to standardise and productise energy storage projects with focus on reliability and return on investment for the customer.

“This process starts with modelling and analytics to optimally size the energy storage asset and carries all the way through project implementation and performance guarantees. By offering a solution with supporting services, Siemens will help customers realize the full benefits of the Eos Aurora battery.”

ELN visited Barcelona last month to find out about Nissan and Eaton’s energy storage technologies for householders and businesses.

The UK Government today announced funding worth £28 million for innovative energy technologies, including energy storage.

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