Season’s greetings… and don’t forget to switch off the lights

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As Energy Efficiency News wishes our readers ‘Season’s Greetings’ and takes a well-earned break, a final message from the Carbon Trust before starting the festivities… don’t forget to switch off the lights.

In the energy saving organisation’s top five tips for Christmas, the Carbon Trust reminds businesses to switch off lights over the holiday period.

And when everyone’s gone home for Christmas, turn down the thermostat too. Just reducing heating temperatures by 1ºC can cut fuel consumption by 8%. While offices are unoccupied, heating can be left at levels just high enough to prevent frost.

Leaving a computer and monitor on 24 hours a day costs around £45 a year, so all non-essential equipment, including photocopiers and printers, should be turned off over the holidays. If copiers, printers and even monitors are turned off or put on standby all year round when not in use, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 90%, says the Carbon Trust.

Less obvious energy wasters like fridges, kettles and microwaves can also be unplugged and fax machines diverted to a single machine to save energy.

And finally, water coolers and drinks machines, which cost around £120 in energy costs, should also be turned off.

All this office equipment typically accounts for around 15% of the electrical energy used every year, but the Carbon Trust predicts this could rise to 30% by 2020.

With costs currently running at £300 million a year and on the rise, every possible saving will count.

Have an energy efficient Christmas!

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