Scottish public sector ‘should lead green energy drive’

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Scottish public sector ‘should lead green energy drive’

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A renewable energy industry body has said the public sector should lead the green energy revolution in Scotland.

Scottish Renewables suggests local authorities, NHS boards and emergency services need to play a key role in meeting future climate change targets.

To allow this to happen, the group says the government should revise procurement rules and implement policies to maximise the use and deployment of renewables and green transport across the whole public sector.

It advises setting a target for at least half of Scotland’s energy to come from renewable sources in 2030.

The group also wants the public sector to create the conditions needed to treble renewable heat output and double green electricity generation by this time.

It suggests the government needs to ensure carbon targets are seriously considered in planning national policy, widen the benefits of renewables by growing the supply chain and develop a Scottish Renewable Energy Bond.

Jenny Hogan, Director of Policy at Scottish Renewables, said: “Public bodies can use their planning, procurement and economic development powers to lead Scotland’s transition to a truly low carbon, sustainable energy system.

“Greening Scotland’s infrastructure and public estates can offer huge benefits in stabilising energy bills, creating jobs, investing in the local economy and cleaning up the environment.”

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