Scottish businesses wasting £19k of energy each year

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Scottish businesses wasting £19k of energy each year

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Scottish businesses are wasting around £19,000 a year through inefficient energy use.

The Scottish Government is offering interest-free loans to help these small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) install energy efficiency measures, according to a new report from Zero Waste Scotland.

The loan can be used to pay for a range of green upgrades, including LED lighting, better insulation, new boilers and renewable sources of generation such as solar panels.

Part of the problem is not just securing the money needed for upgrades but also knowing how to make the best savings and where to begin.

To remedy this, the government is also offering a free consultation with an expert adviser to help businesses formulate a plan, apply for a loan and install the equipment.

It is estimated that Scottish businesses could save £2.9 billion worth of energy each year by using power, water and raw materials more efficiently.

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive of Zero Waste Scotland, said: “We know many businesses share our vision of maximising resource efficiency and keeping costly waste to a minimum and often it’s the initial investment needed that’s the missing ingredient.

“The SME Loan Fund is a great way for enterprises to make optimum use of energy, water and waste under expert guidance at no extra cost – ultimately delivering savings while helping the environment.”

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