Scots trust water firms but not energy suppliers

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Scots trust water firms but not energy suppliers

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Scottish consumers trust water companies highly but have little faith in their energy suppliers.

In a Which? consumer survey, 68% of people said they trusted water companies, making it the most highly rated industry in the country.

On the other hand, energy suppliers only secured the confidence of 36% of customers, meaning it was near the bottom of the list.

Consumers in Scotland were also revealed to be more worried about energy and fuel prices than the rest of the UK – 67% were concerned about power prices and 56% about fuel costs, compared to 56% and 55% respectively elsewhere in the UK.

Around 68% of Scots haven’t switched energy suppliers in five years or more.

The reasons consumers gave were all suppliers are more or less the same (23%), they thought they were on the best tariff already (19%) and not much money could be saved (18%).

This contradicts the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which recently said there are many people in the UK on the wrong tariff and this trend is even more pronounced in Scotland.

The number of water complaints increased last year whereas the energy regulator said power and gas complaints have halved since 2014.

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