Scotland appoints experts to ensure ‘fair journey’ to net zero

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The Scottish Government has announced the appointment of experts to support the nation’s “fair journey” to achieve net zero emissions.

The Just Transition Commission will include 12 Parliamentary-term Commissioners who will work alongside Chair Professor Jim Skea and scrutinise, advise and report annually on the progress Scotland is making to ensure a “greener, fairer future” for everyone.

They include WWF Scotland Director Lang Banks, Bridging Ventures Founder Rajiv Joshi, Director of Community Energy Scotland Ameena Camps and Director of Institution of Civil Engineers Scotland Hannah Smith.

Four additional, fixed-term Commissioners have been appointed to provide expert industry advice and insight on the Just Transition Plan for the energy sector.

They include Rachel McEwen, Chief Sustainability Officer at SSE, Jake Molloy, RMT Regional Officer, Ronnie Quinn, CEO of NECCUS Alliance and Ray Riddoch, Director of Harlaw Energy.

Just Transition Minister Richard Lochhead said: “Ensuring our journey to net zero is just and fair for everyone is critical and the appointment of the Just Transition Commission membership marks an important step in this progress.

“The Parliamentary-term membership of the new Commission brings a wide range of skills, expertise and views to help shape and steer our approach to just transition in the coming year and I’d like to thank the Commissioners for agreeing to undertake the vital work that lies ahead.

“Our approach in appointing additional Commissioners to support work on our first specific plan for the energy sector demonstrates our commitment to partnering with those who stand to be most impacted by the transition to net zero, ensuring they are given a voice in determining their future. I want to be clear that we will listen to and engage with stakeholders and workers across the sector to ensure a just transition for everyone on the journey to net zero.”

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