Rolls-Royce inks Hinkley Point C nuclear deal

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Rolls-Royce inks Hinkley Point C nuclear deal

Artist’s impression of Hinkley Point C. Copyright: EDF Energy

Rolls-Royce has won a contract to provide heat exchangers for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station.

It has now signed an agreement with EDF Energy after being selected as the preferred bidder in 2016 for the heat exchangers, along with the primary, liquid and gaseous waste treatment systems and diesel generators.

A team of 80 Rolls-Royce engineers and supply chain specialists are currently working on the projects at its Barnwood, Derby and Warrington bases.

Hinkley Point C is the first nuclear power plant to be built in the UK in a generation and will provide around 7% of the nation’s electricity needs.

The project is expected to create 25,000 job opportunities – currently around 3,000 people are working at the Somerset site and more than four million cubic metres of earth have been excavated.

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