Rio+20 a failure say green group despite 100 actions on sustainable energy

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Despite securing more than 100 commitments and actions on sustainable energy, Rio+20 has been dubbed a failure by environmental groups.

Speaking at Rio+20 on Friday, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said developing sustainable energy for all was not only necessary but possible.

“Sustainable Energy for All provides a powerful model for the future. This initiative is already mobilizing significant action from all sectors of society. Working together, we can provide solutions that drive economic growth, expand equity and reduce the risks of climate change,” he said.

Under the auspices of the initiative, Ghana has developed a national energy plan to support capacity-develop and innovative financing mechanism and Brazil has pledged $4.3 billion to achieve universal energy access across its borders by 2014.

Meanwhile, the summit has managed to secure a commitment from Microsoft to go carbon neutral and the Renault-Nissan Alliance has promised $5 billion to commercialise affordable zero-emission cars.

The meeting also agreed a plan for future global sustainable development, The Future We Want, which calls for the establishment of sustainable development goals, introducing financing and using the green economy to achieve sustainable development.

But Craig Bennett, director of policy and campaigns for Friends of the Earth, says the meeting has not addresses the real issues.

“World leaders in Rio have responded to the tide of global destruction that’s fast approaching by sticking their heads firmly in the sand,” he said. “These talks have been completely undermined by a dangerous lack of ambition, urgency and political will – and weak politicians too afraid to push for anything tougher.”

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