Repair at home headphones – the sustainable choice?

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Fairbuds XL have taken the position of one of the most sustainable options for music listeners on the market – being easy to dismantle and repair yourself at home.

The headphones are manufactured by Fairphone, which has set a public aim to have all of its products made to be better for the environment.

To keep them going, they can be disassembled with a screwdriver into nine separate parts – all of which are available to buy separately on the company’s website.

Image: Fairphone

This means if one component has an issue, instead of buying an entirely new pair of headphones you can just buy the part that is damaged and keep the old pair going.

The product is made from 80% recycled plastic, 100% recycled aluminium and tin and the headband is made from vegan leather.

The noise-cancelling Fairbuds XL use Bluetooth to connect your tunes to your ears and the company claims the battery can last up to 500 full charge cycles and maintain 80% of its original capacity during this time.

They come in at just shy of £220 but provide a greener option for musos.

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