Public chargers ‘to account for only 8% of EV infrastructure in next decade’

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Public electric vehicle (EV) chargers will account for only 8% of charging stations within the next three to 10 years.

That’s according to energy consultancy Delta-ee, which predicts the next wave of EV drivers in the UK, referred to as ‘early adopters’, will behave very differently to today’s ‘innovators’.

Of this group, it says 85% will have off-street parking and use this instead of public facilities.

Delta-ee adds public charging infrastructure will still be important for addressing range anxiety but will account for a small portion of total charging.

Within the ‘early adopters’, the research identifies three distinct types of users with significantly different charging patterns and behaviour.

This includes suburban commuters who will aim to charge at home and work and seek a deal that fits with their regular schedule, as well as ‘mix-and-matchers’, who are based in cities, happy to use public chargers and determined to find the best deal.

It also describes ‘home dwellers’, rural-suburban homeowners who are financially secure, tend to be older and not particularly technologically savvy.

Alexander Lewis-Jones, Analyst at Delta-ee, said: “The EV revolution will be just that – a revolution but not just for the automotive sector, also for the electricity sector.

“EVs have the potential to change not just the cars we drive, but how we balance the electricity system and the shape of our electricity infrastructure. But it also brings into question who we buy electricity from and how we buy it.”

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