Philips switches on bird-friendly LED streetlights

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Philips switches on bird-friendly LED streetlights

Image: Philips LightingImage: Philips Lighting

Philips Lighting is to roll out energy efficient LED streetlights in the Netherlands that have been designed to be friendly to migrating birds.

It claims the street lighting could cut energy consumption by up to 70% and contribute towards Ameland’s sustainable goals.

One of the Netherlands’ northern most islands, Ameland supports the Dark Sky World Heritage Wadden Sea Region UNESCO programme, aimed at reducing light pollution.

It will use Philips ClearSky technology, which emits a subtle blue-green light that is said to improve the ability of humans to judge perception at night whilst being friendly to birds and nocturnal animals.

Senior Scientist Lighting Researcher Maurice Donners said: “Regular white light can disorientate birds and affect their internal compass. Philips ClearSky technology does not interfere with birds’ biological systems and so helps them to arrive safely at their roosts.”

At the beachfront, the lighting incorporates sensors that detect human motion. When no activity is detected, the lighting automatically dims to a level equalling moonlight.

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